Woman sparks debate after giving her husband an ‘unbelievable’ birthday present: ‘Our marriage is not a transaction’

A woman is fed up with her husband’s thoughtless gifts. 

She told Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum her dilemma. She always buys her husband expensive, thoughtful gifts. Meanwhile, her husband gets her the same thing for every occasion: a chocolate bar. She decided to get him a birthday gift as meaningless as the gifts he gave her. Then he got upset.

“I consider myself a thoughtful person,” she said. “I just like putting so much effort in gifts whether it’s a holiday or a birthday for my loved ones. Ever since I’ve met my husband I’ve always put so much effort in his birthday by getting him thoughtful, nice, sometimes expensive gifts. Like his favorite sneakers, watches, useful, fancy equipment and gaming devices. However, he doesn’t do the same for me and never puts any thoughtfulness or care in the gifts he brings me. Not only that, but he sticks to the same gift every year which is a chocolate bar. It’s frustrating. Last year I gifted him his favorite gaming device for his birthday after I went through the trouble to obtain it and for $$$. Two months later was my birthday and he gifted me a chocolate bar again and I was frustrated and upset.”

The wife decided to give her husband a taste of his own medicine. 

“His birthday was days ago and I didn’t buy him anything fancy or expensive this year,” she wrote. “I stopped by the market to get him something since I was too tired to drive to the gift shop. Once he saw the gift I brought which was a keychain, not a fancy one, he went off asking if I was making fun of him and insisted to know where the actual gift was. I said there was no gift this was the actual gift. He called me unbelievable to pick ‘this thing’ as his 33rd birthday gift. We had an argument and I reminded him of what he gifts me every year and compared it to what I gift him. He looked offended saying I’m a doctor and can afford what I get him while he can’t afford to get what I wanted. He reminded me that our marriage is not a transaction where we’re supposed to benefit from each other. He threw a fit saying he didn’t appreciate my lack of care and consideration for his birthday.” 

Reddit users sided with the wife on this one.

“He can’t expect fancy, thoughtful gifts from you if he doesn’t bother to even think what would make you happy,” a user wrote

“It sounds like OP’s husband doesn’t care about her much,” another said.

“What he meant is that it isn’t transactional unless he’s on the receiving end at all times,” a person commented

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