Man sparks debate with response to wife’s new home cooking rule: ‘I don’t think this is how marriages should be’

A man regrets challenging his wife’s cooking. Now, he is at his wit’s end. 

He shared the dilemma on Reddit’s “Am I the A****** (AITA)” forum. His wife is a picky eater, so she only cooks a handful of meals. He got tired of the same old dishes and told her to change things up. Instead, his wife told him he could cook his own meals. Now, after a month, he’s begging her to cook again. 

“My wife is an extremely picky eater,” he wrote. “It’s been a point of contention in our relationship for years. She claims it’s sensory, but it can be a bit much. She won’t even try new things at restaurants and has embarrassed me many times by not finishing food at my mom’s house.”

“A few months ago, I put my foot down with my wife and said I wasn’t going to eat the same 10 or so meals she makes for dinner anymore, and I wanted variety. She essentially told me, ‘Fine, I’ll feed me. You feed you.’ She even divided our food budget up and told me to start doing my own shopping.”

“She made her point, and after the first month, I was begging her to cook again,” he explained. She refused and said she was actually a lot less stressed just cooking for herself and prefers the current arrangement. I’m very unhappy. Obviously, I can’t make her cook for me, but my part of the food budget doesn’t go very far because I end up getting a lot of takeout.”

“I have been hungry late at night a few times and ate her leftovers, and she got mad at me. I don’t think this is how marriages should be. She says I need to live with the consequences of my actions. I think this has gone on long enough, so I’m bringing it here.” 

Redditors thought the husband got what was coming to him. 

“You deserve all the misery that you’ve brought upon yourself,” a user said

“You got what you asked for and what you deserve,” another wrote

“Learn how to cook,” someone added.

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