Man dumbfounded by wife’s reaction to his ‘cheap’ birthday gift: ‘It’s her own fault’

A husband can’t believe how poorly his wife reacted to a birthday gift he got her. 

He consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A****** (AITA)” forum for advice. He initially bought his wife a bottle of expensive perfume for her birthday. But when she saw him hide it, she became curious. The wife found the bottle, accidentally dropped it and the husband stepped on the glass. When he got her a different gift for the occasion, she became furious. 

“AITA, I gave my wife a cheap gift for her birthday? I and my wife have been married for eight years,” he explained. “For her birthday, I wanted to give her something special so I got her a really expensive perfume that she’d wanted for a long time. To prevent her from seeing it before her birthday, I kept it in a cupboard near the ceiling. Usually, I do all the cleaning there since my wife is allergic to dust and she wouldn’t be able to reach out anyway since it’s so high.”

The husband was stunned when he discovered his wife had found the hidden perfume bottle. 

“When I came home a few days ago, I got glass shards stuck in my foot just as I walked into the house,” he wrote. “It started bleeding heavily and I had to call my neighbor to take me to the hospital since I couldn’t even walk. My wife said that she’d seen me putting a bottle on the topmost shelf and she was curious so she used a step ladder and a stool on top of that to take out the bottle. While getting down, she dropped the perfume bottle and it shattered. While cleaning it up she missed a few pieces and I got injured. So I just gave her some flowers and a box of chocolates on her birthday as I had already spent most of my fun money on the perfume alone. She got mad at me saying it was my mistake for keeping it in the cupboard and that she didn’t break it on purpose.”

People on Reddit thought this was all the wife’s fault. 

“It’s her own fault she didn’t get the expensive gift. She broke it because she was snooping,” a user wrote

“[Your] wife is being awfully demanding and entitled over a gift,” another said

“You bought her a nice gift and she broke it,” someone commented

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