Woman stirs controversy with ‘controlling’ response to her husband’s vacation plans: ‘You are his wife, not his mom’

A woman won’t let her husband go to a bachelor party, no matter how much he pleads with her. 

She explained the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. She and her husband have a 3-year-old and a 6-week-old baby. The mother wants her husband to skip the bachelor party so that he can stay home and help her. Now, the husband isn’t speaking to her. 

“My husband’s friend decided he wanted to go to Vegas [for his bachelor party],” she wrote. “His friend would book and pay for an entire villa suite, so the only thing the attendees would have to pay for would be airfare and spending cash. When my husband told me about it, he was so excited as he’s never been to Vegas, and this seemed like the perfect trip since his friend was covering a huge expense. However, we have two young kids at home: a 3-year-old and a 6-week newborn.” 

She refused to let her husband go on the trip to Vegas. 

“I told my husband I don’t want him to go because I need his help at home,” she explained. “I do not think I can handle the needs of both kids by myself. The only real option we have for help is his mom, and she lives 3,000 miles away. He offered to pay for her to come stay to help, but I told him we can’t afford it, which he should know. I was also upset that he thought we had the money to pay for this at all. We have two kids — we shouldn’t be spending our money on gambling party trips. I pretty much put my foot down and told my husband he can’t go and that there is nothing he can do to convince me that he should or that it’s even an idea worth entertaining. He called me a controlling jerk and [said] that I’m depriving him of a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Now, he is barely talking to me and pretty much only about things related to the kids.”

Redditors had mixed reactions to the mother’s stance. 

“You are his wife… not his mom. You are forbidding him? It is controlling,” someone commented

“If mom is saying she CANNOT meet the needs of both of her children at only 12 weeks postpartum, why are his feelings the focus?” another wrote.

“The father is acting like a child, which is forcing her to act like his mom,” a user said.  

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