Woman dumbfounded after discovering the ‘ridiculous’ cost of her boyfriend’s new hobby: ‘He’s hiding something’

A woman who is the breadwinner doesn’t want to pay for her long-term boyfriend’s expensive new hobby. 

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for help. She works while her boyfriend attends to all household matters. The couple shares all of the income she makes. The problem arose when she noticed her boyfriend began taking expensive tennis lessons. 

“My boyfriend and I are in our early 30s,” she explained. “We’ve been together for several years, but he doesn’t want to get married. So I found out that he apparently has decided to take tennis lessons. Well, I looked at the bank statement, and he’s apparently had four four-hour sessions that have cost us $2400 total. Now let me clarify that we are not rich. He doesn’t understand why I’m mad. And he says that if he had a job, I wouldn’t care. And I guess, in a way, he’s right. But I’d still be uncomfortable with it. He says he enjoys it. But it’s $150 an hour, and for some reason, they’re four hours long. That’s $600 a session. That’s ridiculous.” 

She wondered if she was being biased about the pricey lessons. 

“AITA for saying my boyfriend couldn’t take tennis lessons because I can’t afford them?” she asked. “I know it sounds silly. But I think I may be since I only really care because it’s my money he’s using. And we’re supposed to be partners. He proposed, but there’s no paper since he didn’t want that. But it just rubs me the wrong way. And I did tell him he could spend my money like it was his own. But this sort of contradicts that. He does literally everything at home. I mean every single chore you can think of. From cooking to taking out the trash. There is absolutely no household task that hasn’t already been done when I’m home. It’s kind of amazing, honestly.” 

Redditors didn’t think she had to pay for his hobby. 

“He’s hiding something,” a user commented

“Sounds like he is using the money for something else,” another said

“Honestly, I’m more concerned that you completely support a grown man who doesn’t want to be married,” someone said

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