Woman exposes boyfriend’s ‘horrible’ behavior with her secret financial move: ‘Break up with him’

A 29-year-old woman was shocked when her boyfriend demanded she pays off his housing debt

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” for advice. After years of struggling with mental health issues that made her unable to work, she had finally gotten back on her feet. She wanted to surprise her dad with his dream vacation after he had supported her during her highs and lows. When her boyfriend found out she had been saving money, he demanded she give it to him instead. 

“I’ve dealt with mental health problems all my life, but when I turned 20, I was at my worst,” she explained. “My dad paid for my psychologist, medicines, all my college education until I was 24 while also taking care of my mom and my three younger siblings. He’s a super hard worker, and I’ve seen him quit the things he enjoys and loves to give me and my siblings the best he can – top-tier parenting, and I love him to death. I’ve got a stable job that pays really well. I’ve been saving money for the past five years cause I wanted to do something for my dad as a thank you. His dream has always been to go to Disneyworld (we are not from the U.S.) and stay in one of those fancy hotels. But he was never able to do it, and now that he is retired, he thought he would never be able to. So I have been saving money in secret to make it happen.” 

Her boyfriend is currently in debt and may lose his house because of missed payments.

“Last week, I finally reached my goal and had enough money to take my dad on his dream trip,” she wrote. “I told my boyfriend, and I was really excited. But he was livid and told me that how could I be so selfish and go on a ‘stupid vacation trip’ when he is about to get kicked out of his house. [He said] that if we were in it for the long run, I should help him to get out of his debt because that could eventually be my house, too (we don’t live together). I told him that it was not my responsibility to pay for his debt, but he kept yelling at me, so I left.”

Reddit users thought the boyfriend’s behavior was a huge red flag.

“It’s a good thing your boyfriend showed you he’s horrible at finances before you got married, RUN!” one person said

“Those are major red flags there. Break up with him,” another said

“This guy is a leech. Get out,” a user commented

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