Woman stirs controversy after sharing reason for ‘faking’ food poisoning: ‘Manipulative and mean’

A woman faked being sick to prove a point to her boyfriend. Now her plan may have backfired.

She consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” (AITA) forum for help. Her boyfriend always cross-contaminates their food when they cook. He also gets upset whenever she calls him out on it. Fed up over his behavior, she pretended to be sick from the food he prepared. But now his entire family is furious with her.  

“AITA for faking food poisoning to teach my boyfriend a lesson?” she wrote. “My boyfriend and I both love to cook. We often make meals together and it’s something we really bond over. However, he has a serious issue with cross-contamination that drives me insane. I have to constantly keep an eye on him to make sure that he is sanitizing things properly. Last Friday evening we were making carnitas when I noticed that he was using the same knife and cutting board that he had used to chop raw pork, to then chop up onions and radishes. I then told him that we couldn’t use the onions and radishes for this dish because I was not about to top my carnitas with them now that they were contaminated with raw pork.”

She called him out on the cross-contamination. But things just escalated into a fight.

“He flipped out and kept saying, ‘It’s not like it’s chicken.’ He stormed off into our bedroom and refused to finish cooking with me,” she said. “Without him knowing, I cut up new onions and radishes for garnishing and we ate dinner separately. The next day we were supposed to go to his parent’s place as they were hosting a congratulatory dinner because my boyfriend recently got a new job. I faked being ill and hung out in bed watching Netflix and reading most of the day. He seemed baffled by my being sick. I was like, ‘Idk, I mean I did eat those onions and radishes that you were so pressed about.’ His mother messaged me later on, explaining that it was extremely rude of me to have missed the dinner. Multiple people in his family are now pissed because they think I’m an unsupportive girlfriend.”

Reddit users didn’t think the girlfriend’s deception was necessary. 

“Manipulative and mean,” one person commented.

“This is very immature,” another said

“Just break up. What are you even staying for?” a user said

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