Woman baffles friends after sharing plan to propose to her boyfriend: ‘It doesn’t matter who proposes’

A woman is second-guessing her decision to propose to her boyfriend.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. She wanted to ask her boyfriend to marry her at his birthday party. But then all of her male friends said proposing would emasculate him. Now, she is on the fence. 

“I met my boyfriend almost three years ago now,” she wrote. “Things remained professional and friendly between us for months because we were working for the same corporation, but as soon as we kissed, we took things seriously.”

“It then all evolved quickly and very naturally. I’ve never felt as happy and safe romantically as I can be with him. The pain of miscarriage broke us up in late 2019 — we didn’t hurt or blame each other for it, but we didn’t know how to deal with it at the time.”

But the couple got back together, and things seemed to be heading toward marriage

“A few weeks ago, we started talking seriously about us and our feelings that just never faded,” she explained. “From then, we decided to give ourselves a new chance. Talking with a common friend, I admitted that I was considering proposing at his birthday party in March, and I was not expecting him to laugh at me.”

“He said that I should ‘know better than to propose to such an alpha, strong, proud man.’ And that it would only hurt him if I was the one making that step because then it would be humiliating to him. The discussion shocked me, so I asked a few of his friends who all claimed the same: The man has to propose, and if I don’t give him that chance, it will be the same as publicly castrating him.” 

People didn’t think it was a big deal if she proposed. 

“It doesn’t matter who proposes. If both people are willing to take the step, then that’s all that matters,” a user commented

“These friends are wrong,” another wrote

“The ONLY thing that matters is what works for the two of you,” someone said

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