Woman reaches breaking point after ‘awful’ experience with her boyfriend’s pets: ‘I can’t take it anymore’

A woman is sick of her boyfriend’s untrained dogs ruining her apartment

She asked for advice on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. Her boyfriend brings his three dogs over for the night whenever he stays over. The dogs, however, are not trained. They pee, poop and destroy her property. But her boyfriend is refusing to make any changes at all. 

“They have accidents overnight, they eat food off the counter, they get in the trash. They are just seriously not trained in the slightest,” she explained. “I got to a point where I was losing my mind waking up in the morning stepping in pee or cleaning up poop and trash strung all over if we forgot to put it outside. I’ve seasoned meat and had it all ready to cook, and more than once, they’ve eaten the meat off the counter. I finally had to tell him I can’t take it anymore. I don’t want to feel anger or hatred towards animals as it’s not their fault they’re not trained. I just can’t live like this.”

Her boyfriend is perfectly fine living in dog excrement and letting the animals ruin his home

“I will add that he lives like that,” she said. “That’s the reason I don’t stay at his place. His bed is a dog bed. It’s not suitable for humans. He’s fine with dirty, torn-up blankets and literal holes in his dirty mattress with springs exposed and foam everywhere from them tearing it up. I told him they [couldn’t] come to my house overnight anymore. I had to rip out the carpet and put in hardwood flooring to repair what they’ve done at my place and make it acceptable to live in without it smelling like the pound when I walked in. He’s super offended. He can’t believe I’m making him leave his dogs at home if he’s staying at my place. This is nuts to me.”

Reddit users thought the boyfriend was unreasonable.

“Your boyfriend sounds awful,” one person said

“Leave this goof already,” another said

“This guy is a complete disaster,” a user wrote

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