Woman accused of being ‘selfish’ after refusing to plan sister’s baby shower: ‘Your family is really thoughtless’

A woman doesn’t know how to react to the fact that her sister is pregnant with her ex-boyfriend’s baby

She explained the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. Her sister Sophia and ex-boyfriend Luke are now a couple. When Sophia became pregnant, the entire family was very supportive. However, the Reddit poster found the support to be a bit excessive and even suffocating. 

“My parents and rest of my family are going insane over my sister Sophia’s pregnancy,” she explained. “It’s dominating every discussion and every family get-together. I’m trying to be polite, but it’s especially upsetting because the father of my future nephew/niece is the guy I was really in love with. Luke was actually someone I dated first, back in my final year of university. When we graduated, we both went back home, and he spent pretty much the entire summer at ours because he has a difficult relationship with his father. That’s when Luke and Sophia got together.” 

However, the Reddit poster feels her family is being insensitive, given that Luke is her ex-boyfriend. 

“Despite all this history between Luke and I, no one in my family seems to think this whole experience might be a little strange for me,” she wrote. “The drama comes when my mom asked me if I could plan the baby shower, and I told her no. I personally disagree with them trying to hold one during a pandemic anyway. But my mom got upset with me and ‘my tone’ and accused me of being unsupportive of my sister’s happiness this whole time, and even selfish for not wanting to be a part of it more. I wasn’t going to take that because I’ve tried really hard to be mature over this. I told her she was being suffocating with it.” 

Reddit users thought the poster’s feelings were valid. 

“Your family is really thoughtless and unkind,” a user said

“This situation sounds excruciating,” another wrote

“You said that you didn’t want to plan it [so] that should be the end of it,” a person commented

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