Woman sparks controversy with reason for skipping her sister’s wedding: ‘She has absolutely zero respect for marriages’

A woman doesn’t want to go to her sister’s wedding because of all the likely drama.

She posted on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. Her sister Bertha had an affair with a married man, Dick. Their torrid relationship caused a ton of stress and even involved law enforcement. Now that Bertha and Dick are getting married, the Reddit poster wants nothing to do with the ceremony. 

“My sister Bertha was having an affair with a married man named Dick for over a decade,” the Reddit poster said. “Everyone in the family knew it, and we all told her to stop doing it. She had multiple confrontations with his wife, but that didn’t stop her. Cops were called when Bertha and Dick’s wife fought in front of my parent’s house.” 

Now that Dick and Bertha are getting married, the poster wants to opt out of the wedding. 

“Dick divorced his wife and is getting married to Bertha on Halloween,” the Reddit poster wrote. “A lot of my family isn’t going, and I’m not either. I know Bertha wants me to go, but that relationship has caused my family a lot of issues. Also, if she didn’t respect another woman’s marriage, why should I respect hers? Plus, there are rumors that Dicks ex-wife and her cousins from West Virginia are planning on crashing the wedding anyways. Which I know will lead to drama and more cops.”

Reddit users thought she was in the right for skipping the ceremony.

“She has absolutely zero respect for marriages,” a user wrote

“This sounds like a mess. I wouldn’t go,” another said

“What a nuclear mess of a situation,” someone commented

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