Divorced woman enrages ex-husband after ‘refusing’ to return her engagement ring: ‘You’re well within your rights’

A woman and her ex-husband are fighting over her engagement ring.

She explained the dilemma on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. She divorced her ex-husband Evan because of his infidelity. However, his grandmother Erica insisted that she keep the engagement ring despite the divorce. The ring used to belong to Erica, who wanted the Reddit poster to have it. But now, Evan wants the ring back. 

“AITA for refusing to give the ring back and causing a conflict between my ex-husband and his fiancée?” she said. “My ex-husband Evan and I married back in 2018. His grandma Erica and I became pretty good friends. Evan proposed to me with Erica’s engagement ring. The [same] one [that] Evan’s grandfather proposed to Erica [with], and Evan’s father proposed to his mother with. The ring is beautiful. It has Erica’s birthstone and isn’t big at all. When his mother passed, Erica got the ring back and told Evan to give it to me. He did in 2019, but we divorced in 2020 because Evan serial-cheated on me. The divorce broke Erica’s heart because we used to live with her. While I was packing my things, she approached me and told me that she wanted me to keep the ring.” 

She kept Erica’s ring, but now that Evan is engaged again, he wants it back despite his grandmother’s wishes. 

“Evan sent me a message asking for the ring because he wanted to propose to his girlfriend (the one he cheated on me with),” she explained. “I said that Erica gave it to me as a gift, and I wouldn’t do it. He got furious and started to call me names. After a few weeks, he got into my house because I never changed the locks and took the ring while I was at the gym. I called the police on him, and they found the ring on his new fiancée’s finger, and I didn’t press charges because I only wanted it back. He has been messaging me nonstop because his fiancée is threatening to leave him if she doesn’t get the ring back. Evan insists that if I just give the ring back, there wouldn’t be a conflict at all.” 

Reddit users thought Evan didn’t have the right to demand the ring back. 

“You’re well within your rights to keep the ring,” a user commented

“It was Erica’s ring. Her blessing for you to keep it supersedes anything your ex has to say,” another said

“This was a gift from his grandmother to you,” a person wrote

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