Young woman enrages family with ‘entitled’ demands after moving back home: ‘Move out’

A recent college graduate can’t get along with her older sister’s kids

The 25-year-old consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. After graduating college, she couldn’t afford an apartment in her city and moved into her parent’s home. The issue is her sister has three kids and visits often. She doesn’t like children and demanded her sister bring them over less frequently.

“The city I live in has a shortage of apartments,” she explained. “I could technically afford an available one, but that would mean I would have no extra money for anything but the bare basics. While waiting for a more reasonable place to open up, I have moved in with my parents, who own a house within reasonable commuting distance. My older sister has three children. Her entire identity since her oldest was born is a stay-at-home mom. She usually brings her kids over several times a week to visit and/or have my parents babysit while she goes grocery shopping or other errands.” 

The Reddit poster is not a fan of children in general and was annoyed that her nieces and nephews came over. 

“I feel like I never get a break from kids,” she wrote. “My parents don’t allow them in my room, but when they’re here, I can’t go out and relax in the living room since they’re in there. My room is fairly small, and I don’t like being cooped up in it all day when they visit. Yesterday, when my sister picked up the kids, they decided to stay for dinner, which meant I had even less time without them. I asked my sister if she would limit their visits to a max of twice, a week while I’m here in order to respect my needs. She got extremely angry at me and accused me of selfishly preventing her kids from seeing their grandparents.” 

Reddit users thought the poster’s request was ridiculous. 

“Do you ever think your parents are just tolerating you?! You’re 25. Move out. Entitled is the best word to describe you,” one person said

“What makes HER think that she has ANY right to decide who comes and goes and how often?” another asked.

“It’s not your house, and nobody asked to babysit,” a user wrote.

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