Woman accuses friend of ‘ruining’ her birthday over a family emergency: ‘Insensitive and self-centered’

A mom was accused of stealing attention from her friend’s birthday party, and Reddit can’t believe the reason why.

In her post on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum, the mom explained that her 9-year-old daughter, Juliana, has been dealing with chronic migraines.

When the mom went out to her friend’s birthday dinner, she got a call from the babysitter. Juliana was so ill she later had to be rushed to the emergency room.

The mom left the birthday dinner to go to her daughter, and afterwards, she was accused of ruining the whole party. 

“I’m a single mom to Juliana,” the mom said. “She’s had these horrible migraines at least once a week for the past two to three months.”

“It was one of my friend’s birthdays on Saturday so I hired a babysitter and gave her instructions for what to do if Juliana has a migraine and my friends and I went out to dinner to celebrate,” she explained.

“Around an hour after I got to the restaurant the babysitter called and said that Juliana had another migraine and she’d tried everything but Juliana still wasn’t feeling better. I could hear Juliana crying in the background,” she continued.

The mom decided to leave the party and go be with her daughter.

“I told the group that Juliana was sick, left money for my meal, and practically flew home,” the mom wrote. “She was throwing up and eventually fainted and we ended up spending the night in the ER.”

Her posted went on to say, “Most of my friends adore Juliana and were texting me to check on her throughout the dinner. I told my best friend (Juliana’s favorite auntie) that she was in the ER and she left to see Juliana and to bring her a gift.”

She continued, “Today I got a long text from the friend whose birthday it was asking me to apologize for ‘stealing all the attention from her’ and ‘ruining her birthday.'” 

Reddit users thought the mom did the right thing

“I mean how insensitive and self-centered do you have to be, to get jealous of a sick child!” one person wrote

“Your child’s wellbeing comes entirely before everything,” another said

“Your kiddo comes first and you didn’t steal anything from her day by doing what you did,” someone stated.

It seems everyone is totally on this mom’s side — and it’s not too surprising!

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