Here’s how to do the Album Cover Challenge taking over TikTok

The Album Cover Challenge is proof that anything can be an album cover — and it has taken over TikTok

The challenge has users turning ordinary or humorous moments into album covers. But there’s not exactly a TikTok feature that allows you to do it instantly. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is the TikTok Album Cover Challenge?

Most of the videos have the same premise, like in the user’s submission. There’s usually a caption that reads: “proof you can turn literally anything into an album cover.”

Then the user shows a seemingly random image, crops it into a square and adds a parental advisory sticker on it. 

Here’s how to do the TikTok “Album Cover Challenge.”  

You’ll need to download the PicsArt app or another photo editing app on your phone to do do this.

Find a video on your camera roll you want to turn into an album cover.

Screenshot the moment you want to make the cover.

Search for a “parental advisory” sticker on Google and save the image.

Open the screenshot in the PicsArt app, crop it into a square, add any filters and layer the “parental advisory” sticker onto the photo. 

Once your album cover is ready, open TikTok and the original video. Cut the video at the exact moment the screenshotted part happens. 

Finally, add the album cover photo at the end and you’re done. 

The clips use a remix of Kanye West’s “Devil in a New Dress” called “Hiiipower x DIAND” as its sound

Some examples of the “Album Cover Challenge.” 

The user @emmaboctor turned photos of her friends into album covers. 

Meanwhile, the user @audxc used a clip of himself launching fireworks and earned over 10.1 million views. 

“This is so cool,” one person said.

“This goes hard,” another wrote. 

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