Who is Alejandro Rosario? People think he’s dating beauty guru Nikita Dragun

TikTok star Alejandro Rosario turned 18 on Jan. 14, 2021. Normally, this birthday would just be another day for most people — but thanks to beauty guru Nikita Dragun, the TikToker’s age (and Dragun’s) is all anyone can talk about.

So, who is Alejandro Rosario, and what’s going on between him and Nikita Dragun? Keep reading to learn more about the New Jersey native.

Who is Alejandro Rosario?

According to Famous Birthdays, Rosario was born on Jan. 13, 2003, and grew up in West Patterson, New Jersey. The TikToker, who is of Costa Rican and Dominican descent, reached 250,000 followers in August 2019, and boasts 5.5 million at the time of writing. Based on his business email, he is repped by TalentX Entertainment, the same talent company that manages Nessa Barrett and Sway LA.

Rosario’s TikTok videos are much like many of the other big names on the platform. He participates in many of the latest viral trends and dance crazes and also enjoys filming comedic sketches and thirst traps.

What’s going on with Rosario and Nikita Dragun?

As we mentioned before, Rosario recently turned 18 on Jan. 13. Not long after that, Dragun, who turned 25 herself on Jan. 31, commented on one of the TikToker’s Instagram photos asking him, “U 18 now right? …asking for a friend.”

Many people saw Dragun’s comment as predatory, seeing as she is 7 years Rosario’s senior.

“A 25-year-old has no business being with an 18-year-old. It’s just weird,” one person said.

“Waiting for someone to turn of age to hit on them is predatory weirdo type behavior,” another added.

And the story doesn’t end there. In recent weeks, Rosario and Dragun have been seen together eating out in Los Angeles. After Dragun’s birthday party (which did not abide by social distancing guidelines), she and Rosario were even spotted leaving together.

Though all signs point to Rosario and Dragun dating, the two TikTokers have made several videos together denying the claims. In the videos, the two deny that they are dating and that Dragun was “just waiting for [Rosario] to turn 18.”

In one video posted to Dragun’s account on Feb. 1, she and Rosario lip-sync to an audio that says “Ugh, why does everybody think we f***?” Then, completely contradicting what the audio is trying to say, Dragun walks over to Rosario and starts dancing on him seductively.

In another now-deleted video, Rosario called Dragun his “best friend.” In the comments, he said, “We’re literally just friends btw before you all assume.”

Before being possibly linked to Dragun, Rosario dated fellow TikToker Katie Pego in 2020.

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