YouTuber Alexa Rivera sparks backlash with scavenger hunt video

YouTuber Alexa Rivera is facing heavy backlash after uploading a video where she claims she went “missing” for 24 hours and made her friends participate in a scavenger hunt to find her and possibly win $1,000.

Rivera has over 5 million YouTube subscribers and commenters are upset over her recent misleading video title and premise. The video was originally titled, “I WENT MISSING FOR 24 HOURS!!” but Rivera has since updated it to include that it was all part of a scavenger hunt she organized for her friends.

Throughout the video, Rivera featured mock “missing persons” posters that had Rivera’s photo on them. Plus, the thumbnail image for the video showed two friends visibly upset in front of said poster.

Credit: YouTube

The video has racked up over 8 million views and features tons of comments from people who found the theme of the scavenger hunt — and the original video title — offensive.

“Everything about this video: the title, the clickbaity thumbnail, the desperate grabs for views … It is a full representation of everything about social media I have grown to despise,” someone wrote.

“Does she realize how insensitive she is being by having a scavenger hunt be titled ‘Going missing for 24 hours?'” another added.

Credit: YouTube

“The title of this video is very insensitive. People going missing is a serious subject. This is bad clickbait especially for childrens content,” a commenter pointed out.

Rivera, who is 19 years old, films mostly challenges and prank videos, which are geared more towards younger YouTube viewers.

In the conclusion of the “kidnapping” video, her friends found her in a giant gift box in her driveway, although she admits she had been hanging out in a hotel room for the duration of the scavenger hunt.

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