Mom’s all-natural bath remedy for restless babies is brilliant: ‘How incredibly thoughtful’

One mom on TikTok has created a natural, easy remedy for her baby’s nighttime restlessness. 

TikTok user Michelle (@justmamastuff) loves a good mom hack, and once she found one to get her baby to fall asleep faster at night, she just had to share.


Is your baby restless at night? Try this in their nightly bath 💜 #mom #baby #momhacks #foryou #fyp

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She created a TikTok in which she adds lavender and chamomile flowers to a pot of room-temperature water and steeps it for 10 minutes before draining the mixture and adding it to her baby’s bath, along with the baby’s regular bubble bath. The result? A peaceful, relaxed baby who is ready to settle down for the night. 

This genius hack only adds about 10 minutes to your nightly bath routine, and you can make a large mixture of the flower water and just add a little to the bath each night.

Parents often struggle with restless babies at night, and many of Michelle’s followers welcomed this new idea. 

For babies — and adults

One viewer commented, “How incredibly thoughtful!” Other users especially loved the idea of using the lavender and chamomile herbs. 

One user commented, “I work with herbs! I make natural skin and bath products, and I love using lavender and chamomile with my 3 year old.”

Many other users agreed that while this idea is meant for babies, they plan on using it on themselves! 

One TikToker wrote, “Save the petals for your own bath soak. It looks so fancy and pretty in the bathtub!” 

Along with following a consistent routine, the Mayo Clinic recommends putting your baby to sleep when they’re drowsy but still awake and giving them a little time to settle down. This will “help your baby associate bed with the process of falling asleep.”

The routine, which can include the nightly lavender and chamomile bath, can help with creating a regular sleep schedule.

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