We scoured the internet for hand sanitizer, and these are still in stock

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Nowadays, cleaning items and home sanitation products are probably recurring additions to your shopping list. And being that items like hand sanitizers have become home essentials, brands are whipping up their own batches of germ-blocking agents to meet demand.

According to the CDC, 20 seconds or more of hand-washing is the most effective way to prevent the spread of infectious germs and infections. Thankfully, hand soaps aren’t as high in demand, and you can still find them in stock. But if you can’t get to a sink, you can still use hand sanitizers as long as they contain a minimum of 60 percent alcohol.

Some retailers have finally restocked their stash, while others have launched their own brand-name hand sanitizers in the wake of the pandemic. If you’ve still got some lying around, kudos — but if you’re totally out, here are some hand sanitizers that are still in stock.

Shop: Seabedee CBD Infused Hand Sanitizer, $12.95 (Orig. $14.95)

Credit: Seabedee

Though this Seabedee (that’s CBD) hand sanitizer contains 99 percent isopropyl alcohol, it also used aloe vera and 100mg of CBD oil. Currently, the brand is only selling this hand sanitizer in limited quantities, but the 2 fluid ounce bottle is a soothing alternative to keep your hands germ-free.

Shop: Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer 3 Pack – PREORDER, $22

Credit: The Sis Kiss

Though the fashion accessories brand known as The Sis Kiss is used to selling handbags, headbands and jewelry, the brand has launched its own hand sanitizer. You can shop the 3-pack of 2 fluid ounce bottles for preorder now for $22, and preorders will begin to get filled the week of May 27.

Shop: Eightyaid Hand Sanitizer Alcohol Antiseptic, $9.99

EightyAID Hand Sanitizer Alcohol Antiseptic 80% Topical Solution
Credit: The Chemical Guys

The Chemical Guys now has its own hand sanitizer with 80 percent alcohol. You can spray this one on you for the times you do have to go outside.

Shop: Highline CBD Hand Sanitizer, $7

Credit: Highline Wellness

This CBD hand sanitizer from Highline Wellness features 70 percent alcohol to help stop the spreading of germs. And since it’s packed with aloe vera, you’re not left with the dry hands that regular alcoholic hand sanitizers often cause.

Shop: Peter Thomas Roth Hand Sanitizer, $10

Credit: Peter Thomas Roth

Peter Thomas Roth is known for skincare already, so it’s no surprise that the cosmetic brand designed its own hand sanitizer during the shortage. And instead of lathering on a gel, you can spray away germs with the product’s handy nozzle. Plus, this one exceeds CDC requirements as it contains 80 percent antiseptic alcohol.

Shop: GermBloc Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer Foam, $13.95

Credit: GermBloc

GermBloc specializes in alcohol-free hand sanitizer, which kills 99 percent of germs. You’d think an alcohol-free product goes against CDC rules, but according to the brand’s site, the sanitizer uses an active ingredient called Benzalkonium Chloride (BZK) that kills most germs in 15 seconds.

Shop: Humankind hand sanitizer, $20

Credit: Humankind

Though cleaning at any cost is important, you can still be plastic-free when you shop Humankind’s aluminum bottle. The 8-ounce bottle is offered in unscented and a grapefruit scent. Plus, this bottle can easily replace four pocket-sized hand sanitizer bottles and contains 65 percent alcohol. Not to mention, $1 from every purchase goes to The Robin Hood Relief Fund to help New Yorkers during the crisis.

Shop: Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer, $10

Credit: Wellnesse

Wellnesse, a self-care brand, launched its own moisturizing hand sanitizer due to the crisis. Featuring eucalyptus and mint, the sanitizer contains 62 percent alcohol and starts shipping on May 11.

Shop: Previse Hand Sanitizer, $6.25 (Orig. $9.25)

Credit: Previse

Infused with 75 percent isopropyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, this sanitizer abides by the CDC’s and the World Health Organization (WHO)’s guidelines. The product is good for use on your hands as well as on surfaces — all for $6.25.

Shop: Marianella Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Gel 8 fl oz, $16 (Orig. $24)

Credit: Marianella

This hand sanitizer is hydrating, and there are more than 100 reviews that tell that tale. Marianella’s take on hand sanitizer has 70 percent alcohol, plus lemon essential oil. Though it’s more watery than other formulas, this one leaves your hands nourished.

Shop: Pure Eir 65 percent alcohol superstar sanitizing spray, $20


This Pure Eir hand sanitizer does double duty on your hands. Though it contains 65 percent alcohol, it also features olive oil to soothe your digits every time you apply it.

Shop: Green Goo Hand Sanitizer 2 oz Squeeze Tube, $3.50 (Orig. $4.99)

Credit: Green Goo

Green Goo Hand Sanitizer is great for grocery runs. In the rare moments you’re on the go, keep this brand’s WHO- and FDA-approved pocket-sized cleanser on you.  

Shop: Moxē Hand Sanitizer Gel-3 pack, $14.99

Credit: Moxe

Packed with 70 percent Ethyl Alcohol, you can shop any of the sizes in the citrus hand sanitizer gel from Moxē. You can shop this three-pack for $14.99, the six-pack for $29.99 or the 10-pack bottle size for $49.99.

Shop: Jao Refresher 4 oz., $14

Credit: Jao

Currently, only the Jao 4-ounce hand sanitizer refresher is still in stock. But the product won the Elle Green Star Award for best hand sanitizer (although it’s entirely multi-use). Plus, its combination of antiseptic essential oils such as lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, geranium and sage help to make the sanitizer a lot less drying.

Shop: Maapilim Hand Sanitizer, $10

Credit: Maapilim

This aloe vera-infused hand sanitizer is just $10. Maapilim’s hand sanitizer contains 70 percent alcohol, and is also fast absorbing.

Shop: Kings County Distillery, $1-$20

Credit: Kings County Distillery

You know the world is coming together when the most unlikely businesses step in to lend a helping hand. Kings County Distillery in Brooklyn is used to making whiskey, but now it’s putting its skills toward making a hand sanitizer that features the distillery’s spirit with a recipe of 70 percent alcohol. The coolest thing is that you can pay what you want between $1 and $20 (though you can only get up to three bottles per order).

Shop: Pipette Hand Sanitizer, $4.99

Credit: Pipette

Fragrance-free and moisturizing, this hand sanitizer from Pipette uses 65 percent alcohol and is infused with sugarcane-derived squalane for hydration. However, orders for this one don’t ship for another seven business days from the time you order.

Shop: Hand Sanitizer Gel, $12.25

Credit: American Screening

American Screening Group still has a gallon of hand sanitizer available for $67.50. A handheld, 8-fluid-ounce bottle of hand sanitizer gel is also available for preorder and is expected to start shipping out as early as April 25. The medical-grade hand sanitizer is also made with 70 percent alcohol. 

Shop: Church “For the People” Organic & Wild-Crafted Hand Sanitizer, $10

Credit: Church California

California-based brand Church California has switched gears in providing an organic hand sanitizer. The product still kills 99.9 percent of germs, but it also utilizes about 65% organic grape alcohol so your skin isn’t dried out.

Shop: DrJ’s Advanced Formula Hand Sanitizer, $5.99

Credit: DrJ’s

Made with 75 percent alcohol and soothing aloe vera gel, this Dr. J’s hand sanitizer is available to purchase for only $6.

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