Woman allegedly catches cheating boyfriend with help from her dad

Cheating isn’t a new thing, but the entire genre of posting about how you exposed an alleged cheater on social media is currently all the rage.

This time, a woman had a little help exposing her boyfriend that she claimed was cheating. She first posted the story on TikTok, then relocated it to YouTube after TikTok mysteriously removed the sound associated with her video.

TIkTok user @jade_hik, whose real name is Jade, said that once she’d been in a relationship for a year and a half, things were starting to get a little “toxic.”

She said she noticed her boyfriend had been texting the same number multiple times per day and later discovered that number belonged to his ex-girlfriend.

To test his loyalty, Jade asked her friend Hayley to message him to see if she could catch him being “shady.”

Jade said he took the bait, agreed to meet with Hayley and booked a hotel room — seemingly preparing to cheat on his girlfriend.

When he arrived at the hotel, he opened the door to greet “Hayley,” and was met by Jade and her dad.

“Hi I’m Hayley,” the dad said.

“I’m Jade and also your ex-girlfriend,” Jade added.

Though his face is blurred and we can’t see his expression, Jade explained in a video that the confrontation was pretty matter-of-fact.

“Everyone expected there to be violence … but that’s not at all what happened,” she said. “We taught him a lesson verbally. “

Most commenters praised the dad for his calm demeanor and support of his daughter.

“Honestly your dad was way more respectful and nice than he could have been. Kudos to him,” one user said.

“You are so lucky to have the dad that you do. Love and appreciate that man with everything you have,” another wrote.

Others called out the ex.

“That man is terrified and I’m here for it,” one user wrote.

“He had no words, he knew he messed up,” another said.

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