TikTok user allegedly catches creepy behavior from her window

In a TikTok that has now gone viral, a young woman filmed her middle-aged neighbor who appeared to be perched in a tree and peering into her window.

User @lucy.2481, who is from Scotland, shared the footage and explained this is her response when “people ask why [her] curtains are always closed.”

The man in the tree hid after he apparently noticed her filming him.

Though the video was remarkably short and straightforward, commenters flooded the post with advice for @lucy.2481.

Most suggested taking matters to the police, while others recommended more creative and potentially dangerous courses of action like talking to the neighbor’s wife or keeping a can of wasp spray handy if he comes too close for comfort. Another set simply expressed fear for her safety.

“Pretty sure this is illegal,” one user wrote.

“He’s going to get brave and come to the window. It’s just a matter of time. Be safe,” another said.

Despite the advice and reassurance from her audience, @lucy.2481 certainly did not feel safe and wasn’t sure where to go beyond putting her allegedly creepy neighbor on blast on TikTok.

“Everyone [says] to go to the cops…They won’t do anything. They don’t care. My male [neighbor] filmed my bedroom window for a month. They did NOTHING,” she claimed in the comments of her post.

And while she and many others said they didn’t think the police would do anything to handle the situation because he has not yet trespassed, others assured her that she already had the evidence necessary to file the report.

The exact laws about stalking and perceived threats vary by country and state, but according to a stalking expert and police psychologist, it’s best not to ignore alleged stalkers no matter where you are.

Kris Mohandie told CBS News that people tend to ignore stalkers and hope they go away, but if they’ve already violated personal boundaries, it’s possible they’ll keep moving forward with that alleged behavior.

He recommended avoiding contact, improving security measures around the house, alerting loved ones about the perceived threat and sending law enforcement as much evidence as possible.

Setting up cameras to record while you’re sleeping or away from the window can help avoid a potentially deadly situation, as other TikTok users have proven in the past.

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