Twitter user chronicles journey as ‘only’ passenger on his international flight

A Twitter user is going viral after sharing his wild experience being alone on a flight to Singapore.

The bizarre turn of events comes from user Alex Svanevik. Svanevik, who is the co-founder of the blockchain analytics platform Nansen, found himself traveling internationally with only the plane’s crew.

It’s just the latest strange airline incident to go viral in recent months. In September, a flight attendant drew millions of views after revealing why planes still have ashtrays on board. A few weeks earlier, a TikTok user left viewers baffled after sharing the “real way” to use a neck pillow.

Svanevik’s story, meanwhile, has sparked plenty of questions. After he first posted about the experience on Sept. 28, several users replied to ask Svanevik how — and why — this happened.

“I’m alone on my flight to Singapore. The pilot makes all announcements starting with ‘Mr. Alexander,'” Svanevik tweeted.

It was a situation Svanevik described as “100% true and 120% surreal.” As the tweet began spreading across the internet, many users asked why an international flight would take off with just one passenger on board.

As Svanevik wrote in a follow-up tweet, the plane’s crew assured him his flight would’ve flown no matter what — even with zero passengers.

While that may sound strange, passengerless flights have actually become somewhat common in recent years. Early in the pandemic, airlines even started operating “ghost flights” — crew-only trips designed to help the companies maintain their schedules and runway space.

Despite the loneliness, Svanevik seemed to be enjoying himself. He even shared a video from his seat in an empty luxury cabin. As you can hear in the clip, the flight attendants really did address their announcements to “Mr. Alexander.”

Twitter users were largely taken aback by the situation. Some called Svanevik’s experience “crazy” or “awesome.”

“Tell me this isn’t crazy,” one user wrote.

“Are you serious?” another asked.

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