What does ALR mean on TikTok? The hashtag is spreading like wildfire

The three letters “ALR” are all over TikTok thanks to Gen Z, but some folks may not know what it means. 

While in some circles “ALR” may stand for “a little respect” it has an entirely different meaning on TikTok. Young people are notorious for taking modern language and putting their spin on it, this is no exception.

What does ALR mean on TikTok? 

While ALR may seem like an acronym, it actually is not. It’s just an abbreviation of the word “alright.” Mind blown. The hashtag #alr currently has over 5.9 million views on TikTok, showing the slang is picking up steam.

Some examples from #ALR on TikTok

The user @americanwasteland666 included hashtag #ALR to find other “hot Nirvana people” on social media. 

But @ismashsomemommymilkers used it to praise actress Sarah Paulson’s dancing on The Ellen Show


thank u for 100k wtf thats so sick !!!!! #fyp #alr

♬ Nelly Furtado – Promiscuous – Mel

Then @urfairby tagged her striking makeup transformation into a fairy with #alr. 

“Wow this look is amazing,” someone wrote

“Ethereal,” another said

“I’m obsessed,” a user commented

Seems like one of those things that’s just spreading because people are seeing other folks use it, not because they know what it means, but hey — language is all made up, anyway.

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