Amateur baker’s custom cookies are too cute to eat

Meredith Chiarelli has been baking since she was a kid. The Chicago-based baker spends her nights after work making custom confections. But Chiarelli is most known for her Instagrammable cookies.

It all started about four years ago, when she got into what she calls “artistic” baking. 

“I turned a cupcake and brownie into a mini burger for a Super Bowl party and that sparked this idea to bake treats that look like all sorts of things,” Chiarelli told Greatest Baker. “From there I kept practicing and expanding art into all sorts of baked goods — pies, profiteroles, cakes, cookies and so on.” 

Sometimes her custom cookies reference pop culture like the cast of “Winnie the Pooh” and Gizmo from “Gremlins” or a real-world item like raw steaks or tacos

But each one is done using basic cake frosting techniques (with Chiarelli’s expert hand). However, she does work differently than other bakers because of her day job. 

“I work full time [and] bake in the evenings,” Chiarelli told Greatest Baker. “Most of my cookies require a dried base layer before adding more details so I let them dry overnight. With work the next morning, I store them in an air-tight container until the evening. However, I noticed the butter would stain the icing when the cookies were stacked so I would layer a protective sheet between them.”

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