Amateur chef creates chaos with ‘distressing’ plate of sausage and beans

A fearless amateur cook is making people mad and disgusted with a “distressing” home-cooked meal.

The disastrous meal, which was prepared by a home chef who goes by Dieter S, was posted to the U.K.-based “Rate My Plate” Facebook page on My 31.

According to the photo description, Dieter’s meal consists of “sosig & beens to start the day.”

Sosig & Beens to start the day by Dieter S

Posted by Rate My Plate on Sunday, May 31, 2020

Though sausage and beans are perfectly normal breakfast foods in the U.K., Dieter’s plate looked anything but normal. As several people pointed out, the morning plate looked more like “a ration meal from years gone by.”

“I thought I’d recovered from my depression but seeing this picture has put me right back in therapy,” one person joked.

“In almost 25 years as a vet, this must be the most distressing example of intestinal haemorrhage that I’ve seen in a domesticated cat,” another user added.

“I’ve just done a bit of sick in my mouth looking at that, Dieter, which ironically is what you did over that plate by the looks of it,” a third person said.

Many people had a very specific complaint about Dieter’s plate of sausage and beans: its color.

“I have never seen someone cook the colour right out of food before,” one person said.

“Brought to you by the colour orange…the most natural of food colours,” another user joked.

“Nice use of a sepia filter on the lens……oh wait,” a third person added.

Better luck next time, Dieter.

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