Amazing coffee bombs on TikTok

Move over hot chocolate bomb, the hot coffee bomb has arrived!

Coffee bombs are a tasty and #satisfying way to start the day. What is a coffee bomb though, you ask? Similar to its predecessor, the hot chocolate bomb, coffee bombs are chocolate shells typically filled with instant coffee and/or powdered creamer. Some don’t contain any coffee at all and just contain flavoring to add to a cup of joe. You can make them yourself, or buy them pre-made.

You use coffee bombs by dropping them into a cup of hot milk, hot water, or hot coffee. Whatever the bomb calls for! Need a visual? Here are some of the best coffee bombs TikTok has to offer. 

White chocolate coffee bomb brick

This coffee bomb uses a brick-shaped mold that the filmer sprinkled with sparkling sugar and then filled with melted white chocolate. Then she added the instant coffee and powdered creamer and sealed it with more white chocolate. Dessert for breakfast? Why not!

Flower-shaped coffee bomb


Trying this again because of the audio issues 🙄 Coffee Bomb pt. 2 #fyp #coffeebomb #hotchocolatebomb #cafebustelo #coffeetok #pt2

♬ original sound – rebekahaortiz

This coffee bomb takes the unconventional form of a flower! According to the creator, the outer layer is made with white chocolate melt, and it’s filled with powdered creamer and sugar. 

Espresso bomb

This one is just super satisfying to watch. As the hot water melts away the chocolate shell, it releases the tiny marshmallows in the most mesmerizing way. Now that’s a good morning!

Peppermint mocha coffee bomb


Ok ok I’ll chill on the chocolate bombs 🥴😭😂 peppermint mocha coffee bomb #fyp #peppermintmocha #coffeetok #coffeebomb #caffeinequeen

♬ Let It Snow – Christmas Music

This festive coffee bomb is a great way to wake up any time of the year. Filled with powdered creamer, cocoa powder, and crushed peppermint, this coffee bomb will have you caroling before noon!

Caramel creme coffee bomb

If mornings set the tone for the rest of the day, this day is going to be decadent. This caramel creme coffee bomb adds rich flavor to your morning cup that’ll make you wish it was bottomless. 

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