7 amazing Pride month desserts to help you celebrate

June is Pride month, a time to celebrate and honor the LGBTQIA+ community and reflect on the history of queer liberation. Celebrations are always sweeter with desserts and pastries, so here are seven creative, colorful and delicious Pride-themed desserts to help you participate!

1. Lesbian flag cake

You might be familiar with the classic LGBTQIA+ rainbow flag, but each identity has their own personal flag, too! This beautiful cake celebrates visibility by incorporating the lesbian flag, made up of different shades of orange, pink, purple and white.

2. Pride donut crazy shake


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♬ Honeypie – JAWNY

This over-the-top milkshake screams celebration! The vanilla rainbow shake from Black Tap includes a vanilla-frosted rim with sour gummies, sour candy belts, a rainbow lollipop and, to top it all off, a rainbow donut and plenty of sprinkles!

3. 6-layer rainbow ice cream cookie

This six-layer ice cream cookie cake is just begging you to take its picture. The colorful cake is made from layered cookie sandwiches with vanilla sprinkle ice cream. Eat it quickly before it melts! 

4. Pride macarons

These multi-colored macarons take Pride to a new, sophisticated level. Each color is a different flavor, and they look phenomenal stacked with rainbow frosting between each layer. 

5. Pride pancakes

Why wait for dessert when you could start your day celebrating with rainbow pride pancakes? These multicolored flapjacks will give you a smile, and they taste just like the regular pancakes that you love. Don’t forget the whipped cream on top! 

6. Flag cookies

You might be wondering what all the different LGBTQIA+ flags look like, and now you can make cookies honoring all of them. From the lighter blue, pink and white pastels of the transgender flag to the darker hues of the asexual flag, these adorable cookies will add a flare to your Pride celebration.

7. Bi cake pops

There are few things more satisfying than biting into a cake pop. These pink, purple and blue cake pops melt in your mouth and help celebrate the bisexual members of the community, all while looking and tasting delicious!

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