Amazon delivery driver has standoff with black bear prowling around home

An Amazon delivery driver went head to head with a black bear and came out unscathed. 

A homeowner’s Ring security camera captured footage of the incident in Upland, Calif. A bear happened to be skulking around the property when the driver arrived. The homeowner, Josh and his wife, were able to view the entire incident as it unfolded from their phones and even communicate with the driver. 

A black bear lurked behind the driveway gate in the video. The delivery driver arrives, unable to detect the bear. 

“Stop right now. There’s a bear right there!” Josh told the driver from the Ring camera

The driver stopped in his tracks when suddenly the bear appeared standing on the ledge of the gate. 

“Go back to your car. That’s fine!” Josh instructed.

Instead, the driver stood his ground, even with the bear looking right at him from just a few feet away. The driver held his arms up and extended them. He didn’t appear nervous at all. The bear quickly got the message and scurried off into the neighborhood. 

According to Bear Smart, the driver did exactly the right thing. When encountering a black bear, it’s advised to stand tall, look the bear in the eye and yell at the animal to leave. 

Josh told Newsweek that he and his wife strategically positioned their cameras to record the local wildlife, like coyotes, mountain lions and bears. Not only is it fun to capture nature, but it also lets them know when it’s safe for their children and a dog to go outside. 

“[The driver] seemed like he knew what to do, and he kept calm,” Josh told Newsweek. “We had a conversation with him through our front door camera, explaining we weren’t home, so we couldn’t help directly.” 

He and his wife monitored the situation to ensure the driver could come and go without harm.

“We were watching his exit the whole time to ensure he safely left,” he told Newsweek. “We, of course, gave him permission to stay as long as he needed!”

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