Amazon driver reveals the 3 things he wishes he knew before taking his job

An Amazon driver is going viral after sharing his biggest on-the-job pet peeves.

The behind-the-scenes look at life as a delivery driver comes courtesy of a TikToker named @revengekkid. In his post, he outlined the three things he wishes he had known before he started working for the e-commerce giant.

His list, which includes issues with “group deliveries” and apartment complexes, is part of a wider trend on the app. For months, delivery drivers have used TikTok to share their experiences — from what it’s like to work for FedEx after Cyber Monday to how Instacart customers can “scam” their drivers.

In @revengekkid’s video, he started by explaining how much apartment buildings can slow down a workday.

“If you get an apartment during the day and you’ve got houses, it’s over,” he said. “Don’t expect to get off early.”

His frustration seems to come from the fact that delivery instructions for apartments are often unclear. It’s an issue DoorDash drivers have also expressed in their own viral TikToks. Some apartments are extremely big, or they might have security codes or entrance methods that drivers aren’t aware of.

The second issue, @revengekkid said, is having to assist other drivers during a shift.

“If you go faster in the day like I do,” he said, “they’ll have you go help somebody else.”

For @revengekkid, the final pet peeve was what he referred to as “group deliveries.” This is when multiple houses in a similar area can count as a single delivery. The result, he said, is that drivers end up delivering more packages than they expected to.

TikTok users had mixed reactions to @revengekkid’s video. Many took the chance to share their own frustrations with delivery jobs, while others said @revengekkid was overreacting.

“People complain about everything,” one user wrote.

But @revengekkid made it clear that he doesn’t view his job as negatively as it might seem. In a follow-up video, the TikToker shared three things he actually likes about working for Amazon.

Among those, @revengekkid mentioned the company’s voluntary time off (VTO) policy, which allows workers to end their shifts early or take extra days off. This practice has been questioned in the past, however, since the time off is unpaid, but @revengekkid said he’s happy to take it.

“When they offer VTO, ooh I’m on that,” he said. “Give me that VTO.”


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