Amazon shoppers love the FurZapper for getting pet hair off their clothes: ‘What sorcery is this?!’

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Being a pet person comes with a lot of perks. However, you probably know all too well that one major downside is the shedding. Pets are cute, but their hair on your favorite black jacket? Not so much. You can vacuum your house, lint roll your jeans and give your pet a daily brushing, but it’s still hard to remove pet hair from your laundry. Nevertheless, you need to try the FurZapper.

The FurZapper removes pet hair in the washing machine and the dryer from your clothes, throw blankets and whatever else your furry friend likes to cuddle up to.

FurZapper, 2-Pack, $14.89

Credit: Amazon

Essentially, it’s a magnet for pet hair. Except, instead of it being a literal magnet, it’s a sticky silicone disc. Toss the disc in the washer and then put it in the dryer. Once your laundry is done and you remove the FurZapper, you may notice that the disc is covered in fur. However, its real power is trapping fur in each machine so it can be more easily released down the drain or caught in the lint trap.

One thing to note: Make sure not to use fabric softener or dryer sheets (although you could use wool dryer balls) to retain the FurZapper’s stickiness. It’s the sticky part that grabs and traps the fur.

Credit: Amazon

More than 11,000 Amazon shoppers give the FurZapper 5 out of 5 stars and back up its cleaning claims.

“I have two German shepherds, so controlling the fur is a never-ending battle,” wrote one reviewer. “I purchased these because they can be reused and claim to help release fur from clothes in the washer and then grab remaining fur in the dryer. I am really happy to report that they live up to their claim. All of my dark clothes are coming out of the dryer practically fur-free.”

“OMG. It works,” wrote another Amazon reviewer. “They didn’t remove a terrible amount in the wash (that I saw), but the dryer was where the magic happened. Literally, handfuls of dog hair came out of my dryer. And cleaning the zappers? A breeze, no soap needed. Just run under water and let the magic happen some more. What sorcery is this?!”

The FurZapper costs about $15 on Amazon for a pack of two, although the brand suggests using one per pet in your laundry. So, if you have more than two pets, you may want to get a few more.

Sure, you could keep a lint roller in every room to rid yourself of pet hair. But, when you want your clothes to feel really clean, the FurZapper is key.

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