Amazon has tiny houses to buy for your backyard, and they’re selling out fast

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Going down an Amazon product rabbit hole, you can find just about anything. There’s some weird stuff out there, like this Nicolas Cage sequin pillow and this wine bra. But deep into the patio and outdoor category, you’ll find one major (OK, huge) item that you probably didn’t know existed on Amazon: tiny houses.

If you can’t get enough of the TV shows that are all about tiny house-living, you can actually live out your own tiny home dreams by purchasing one from Amazon. There’s one caveat, however — the tiny houses come as a kit that you then have to build yourself. But if you’ve been looking for your next backyard DIY project, we’ve found it.

While you’d expect tiny homes to be a bit of a splurge purchase, Allwood’s 172-square foot Solvalla Studio got so popular after customers found it on the site in May 2019 that it sold out in less than a week. (And it just most recently sold out again in June 2020.)

Right now, Allwood is the primary brand that’s selling these tiny house kits on Amazon, and unsurprisingly, they aren’t cheap. One of the most affordable options is one that’s 113-square feet going for a mere $5,350. But there’s one that’s even selling for more than $49,900!

What’s interesting about these kits when you read the product description is that they can be built by two people in just eight hours. Each “cabin kit” also comes with all the building materials and directions you would need. There’s even an option that can make a five-room tiny house! Plus, a majority of the options are less than 250 square feet too, in case your space is limited.

While these tiny cabins could act as little backyard getaway, they don’t come with electricity or utilities, which is an added expense. And if you’re wondering exactly how you could use this tiny home, well the product description mentions that they are ideal as a “backyard recreation lounge, guest house or even a home office.”

Oddly enough, these tiny homes are one of Amazon’s most sought-out products right now. So if you have the space, the time and the money, it might be worth investing in, to finally live out those tiny house dreams of yours.

Shop: Allwood 540 SQF + Loft Avalon Cabin Kit, $32,990

Credit: Amazon

Shop: Allwood Escape 113 SQF Cabin Kit, $5,350

Credit: Amazon

Shop: Allwood Chloe 123 SQF Kit Garden House, $5,990

Credit: Amazon

Shop: Allwood Ranger Cabin Kit 259 SQF and 168 SQF Loft, $19,990

Credit: Amazon

Shop: Allwood Bella Cabin Kit 237 SQF, $19,900

Credit: Amazon

Shop: Allwood Timberline Cabin Kit 483 SQF, $34,900

Credit: Amazon

Shop: Allwood Eagle Point Cabin Kit 1108 SQF Cabin Kit, $49,900

Credit: Amazon

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