Why one TikTok-famous dry cleaner says you should stop using dryer sheets (and what you should use instead!)

TL;DR: Dryer sheets don't shorten drying time.

According to NYC-based dry cleaner @jeeves_ny, dryer sheets are coated in fabric softener that actually makes your bath linens and undergarments less absorbent. Instead of using dryer sheets in the dryer, @jeeves_ny recommends using wool dryer balls which are reusable and reduce drying time.

Ensuring your clothes look good for as long as possible requires thoughtful care. Do you wash them in water that’s too hot or cold? Do you store them incorrectly? These seemingly small steps can have a pretty big impact on how well your clothes hold up over time.

If you want to preserve your favorite pieces of clothing for years to come, then you should definitely start following TikTok user @jeeves_ny. He’s a dry cleaner who creates tons of amazing content about how to better care for your clothes.

One of his latest videos to go viral on TikTok? A short clip where he says why you shouldn’t be using dryer sheets. In the snippet he reveals that dryer sheets don’t actually help with drying time at all. He goes on to say that dryer sheets are coated in fabric softener that reduces the absorbency of your bath linens and undergarments.

So what does @jeeves_ny recommend instead when drying your clothes? Wool dryer balls. Not only are wool dryer balls reusable (aka better for the environment), but they actually create more space in the dryer so your clothes and linens can dry faster.

If you don’t already own wool dryer balls, you’ll be glad to know they’re readily available on Amazon and they’re pretty affordable. Check out a few of the top-rated picks below:

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