Trending ‘Bluey’ audio exposes hilarious way Americans attempt to imitate Australian accents

Americans on TikTok are going through an identity crisis after having challenges recreating a sound from a cartoon. 

The trending sound comes from Bluey, an Australian children’s cartoon that premiered on ABC Kids in 2018. The audio comes from the ninth episode of Season 3 and revolves around Bingo (main character Bluey’s younger sister) finding out that she has to go to the airport

Captions for the characters’ conversations appear on the screen, and when Bingo says the word airport, it shows up as “ehpowt” to recreate the Australian accent. The viral sound has over 84,000 videos attached to it, and a good amount of those videos are from Americans saying “airport” and realizing they have to move the side of their mouths to say the word. 

One of her commenters said it was a staple in the Midwestern accent, but @lindslayurass responded by saying, “I’m not Midwestern.”

She wasn’t the only one having trouble not using the side of her mouth. 

“I personally talk crooked so to try and forcefully talk with a straight mouth is harddd,” replied @official_trollimane

While several Americans found themselves talking out the side of their mouths, others feel those people are trying too hard to fit into the stereotype. 

“Literally no one is talking out the side of their mouth like shut up,” wrote @connorheese in his video. 


im all for american slander but yall are over exaggerating as hell😭😭

♬ bingo heeler saying airport like ehpowt – epilesbian on the side

“No literally they do it on purpose and it’s upsetting,” said @cheezenug

There’s also a faction of people who couldn’t care less about whether Americans say “airport” out the side of their mouths. They are just excited by another accent.

“Ehpowt = my favorite word,” commented @harryftluly.

Furthermore, this sound acts like a regular TikTok sound meant for jokes. In this case, a surprise response is the punchline to many of the sounds.


@crawfordarnow proof Americans can use this audio without moving their mouth the side 💀

♬ bingo heeler saying airport like ehpowt – epilesbian on the side

“N-no we’re still in middle school right? Hahaha RIIIIIIGHT???,” asked @maisycollins68 in the comments. 

From starting international accent debates to losing track of time, this Bluey sound has found a home and purpose on TikTok. 

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