Amsterdam may build an underwater tunnel to solve its congestion issue

The city of Amsterdam is considering building a giant underwater tunnel to connect two ferry stations: Amsterdam Central Station and Amsterdam Noord. The proposed tunnel would be located beneath IJ River, alleviating congestion and helping cyclists get around more easily.

The tunnel entrance’s proposed design would consist of several gentle slopes as opposed to one long incline, making it easier for people to move around freely. Architectural firm Syb van Breda & Co. is behind the proposal that has locals excited.

Right now, Amsterdam Noord residents use the ferries to commute across the IJ River into the city center. However, the area’s increasing popularity has brought about heavy congestion.

Before the pandemic, ferries were at capacity, and transport strikes left commuters stranded. Problems continued to mount after the outbreak forced ferries to reduce their capacity by 80 percent.

According to DutchReview, public support has increased for the underwater tunnel because it is as affordable as it is aesthetically pleasing. The alternative would be a bridge that would be three times as much to operate, according to architect Syb van Breda. Moreover, Amsterdam Noord residents have opposed a bridge in fear that cyclists would be too disruptive to their everyday lives.

Although the tunnel was pitched in mid-2019, the country’s council still remains undecided. Nevertheless, its designers are hopeful.

“There still is a stranglehold on the political level, but I have a very strong feeling that it will move toward a tunnel,” van Breda told DutchReview.

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