How the ‘Real Housewives’ really react to Amy Phillips’ impressions of them

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Nobody does a better impression of a Real Housewife than comedian Amy Phillips.

The host of SiriusXM’s Reality Checked has been in the Bravo impression game for a decade now (fun fact: her first Bravo impression was of Rachel Zoe!). With new Housewives and franchises added every year, she’s never lacking new material. It also makes her most recent project the perfect endeavor for her: She teamed up with chef Stuart O’Keeffe to co-author Cook It, Spill It, Throw It: The Not-So-Real Housewives Parody Cookbook, complete with Real Housewives-inspired recipes, photography, punny titles and a foreword from the one and only Andy Cohen.

Phillips appeared on the most recent episode of In The Know by Yahoo’s pop culture interview series, We Should Talk. She opened up about the cookbook, revealed how different Housewives have reacted to her impressions over the years and shared her thoughts on all of the latest happenings from the Bravo universe.

“It kind of feels like I had a baby. That’s kind of how I feel,” Phillips told In The Know about Cook It, Spill It, Throw It. “It feels so great because I feel like our hard work really paid off. It was a long time coming, especially [because] when COVID hit, it involved a lot of challenges. Stuart and I could never really get together that often, so that was a little bit of a bummer. But after all the challenges that we went through, I feel very happy about it. I’m really excited about it.”

Cook It, Spill It, Throw It: The Not-So-Real Housewives Parody Cookbook, $17.49

Credit: Dey Street Books

Listen to Cook It, Spill It, Throw It co-author Amy Phillips’ full episode of We Should Talk here, and keep reading for highlights from the interview:

On the origins of her Real Housewives impressions: “I’ve been doing parodies since The Rachel Zoe Project, before I even started watching The Real Housewives and even doing parodies of Real Housewives. For me, it was Rachel Zoe kind of opening the door in terms of connecting with a celebrity and them giving you the ‘OK’ that your impersonation is something to be celebrated. I connected with her, and that led to eventually doing Housewives and Ramona Singer. Women supporting women? She does. She was really right there on the ground floor with me being like, ‘I love this impression. Let’s go on Watch What Happens Live! and you can be Ramona, and I can be Ramona, and we can be Ramonas together!’ She was very supportive. From the beginning, I just went the route of ‘I want to celebrate these ladies.’ When I do impressions of them, I don’t always succeed in terms of my vision or intention sometimes. My intention is to try and celebrate. I don’t necessarily want to embellish or exaggerate something mean about them.”

On Vicki Gunvalson’s reaction to Cook It, Spill It, Throw It: “I made [Coto de Casserole] this weekend, and I posted it on my stories, and Vicki Gunvalson responded and was like, ‘Yummy!’ I did send her the book, and she did [an Instagram] Story on it, which was really, really sweet. She was just like, ‘Amy Phillips told me she was sending me something — she stole my idea! I wanted to do a cookbook. Oh, this is great. Oh, Coto de Casserole!’ She was very supportive. I’m not sure what she meant. I think she wanted to do a cookbook. I’m like, ‘Vicki, do a cookbook!’ We all want it. Come on! I heard she’s a good cook.”

On which Housewives have embraced her impressions the most: “The Ramona Singers, the Heather Dubrows, Rinna, Vicki. Those are the ones, old school, that have been there for a long time, that have been seeing my impressions for years, that have embraced it and that I have that connection with.”

On her up-and-down relationship with Bethenny Frankel: “Bethenny didn’t really… I don’t know what she thinks of my impression. I think she seems kind of hot and cold on it. She’s never really celebrated it and has been pretty muted about it. You know what I’m saying? When that happens — and I know they’ve seen it — I assume they do not like it. I’m guessing she does not like it. And that always surprises me with somebody like her, who is so funny! She’s hot and cold on it. I don’t know where we stand now. But when I have done stuff with her… I remember she was on SiriusXM for a while, and my show is on SiriusXM, and when she was doing her first week of shows, I called in as her. I was like, ‘I’m just gonna take this risk.’ I love her, and she’s just [a] top-notch Housewife. I called in, and I was like, ‘I just want to say congratulations on your show!’ She was like, ‘Oh, my God! How funny!’ She was laughing, and she was so excited about it. I was like, ‘Oh, my God, this is great.’ We connected in that way, and then I met her in person one time, and she was like, ‘Keep doing it.'”

“But then, the pandemic happened, and I did this video where I was like — I’ve never told anyone this story, by the way — washing your hands like all the Housewives in quarantine. She messaged me and was like, ‘Focus on the cause,’ or something. Basically, she admonished me for doing that video during that time of the pandemic when people were dying (and still are, by the way). She was like, ‘There’s no room for this.’ Essentially, she was like, ‘Don’t do this, and focus on the cause.’ I responded, and I was like, ‘I am focusing on the cause. I’m a comedian. I bring entertainment to people — that’s what I do. Also, I’m talking about your foundation on my show and how people can give, like, every day.’ I never heard back from her. I just felt slapped by her. I was like, ‘Oh, my God! I hold you in such high regard, and you’re such a great Housewife, but now, here we are.’ I think that probably she’s not a fan of mine anymore because of that.”

Listen to In The Know’s full interview with Amy Phillips below, and order Cook It, Spill It, Throw It here:

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