An apartment in London has a literal swimming pool in its basement

There are some things you really can’t put a price on.

Thankfully, an apartment without a literal swimming pool inside it is not one of those things. In fact, the exact price, as it turns out is $1.56 million.

That information is courtesy of a bizarre, “one-of-a-kind” apartment listing, which is currently going viral on Twitter. The discovery comes courtesy of a user named Alice Beverton-Palmer, who discovered the London flat on July 27.

The two-bedroom flat, located in the city’s Holloway neighborhood, boasts a “luxury private swimming pool, sauna [and] shower,” according to the property listing.

Credit: Zoopla

Apparently, the swimming pool is in the basement, which can be accessed via a spiral staircase. There’s also an open-glass viewing platform in the living room, which looks down directly over the water.

Credit: Zoopla

Twitter users naturally had plenty to say about the apartment, which is for sale at a £1.2 million (around $1.56 million USD) price tag. For context, the estimated monthly costs — mortgage, utilities, etc. — would run about $6,420 USD.

Several commenters pointed out that the flat probably smells strongly of chlorine. Others, meanwhile, criticized the extremely small bedrooms, which seem out of place with the property’s “luxury” features.

Credit: Zoopla

“I need to know the lunatic who built this and the story behind it,” Beverton-Palmer wrote in a follow-up tweet.

“Why does the basement itself have THREE levels?” another user asked.

Other users called the entire listing “bizarre” or totally “outrageous.” A few even claimed they were familiar with the place.

“I HAVE BEEN IN THIS FLAT,” one user wrote. “I went to view it to possibly rent it. There was no access to the downstairs so it just had a window onto someone else’s pool which, at the time, was drained and had an armchair in it. It was f****** bizarre. We did not rent it.”

It’s impossible to guess what sort of person will ultimately buy the flat, but in the meantime, you can view all of the photos on the listing website.

Credit: Zoopla

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