An influencer is facing backlash over a ‘ridiculous’ job listing

An influencer is facing backlash after posting a “ridiculous” job listing for a personal assistant.

The ad, which ran on, called for an assistant to help a “well-known celebrity/influencer.” The allegedly part-time role demanded 24/7 availability and a laundry list of daily tasks.

Screenshots of the listing, which has since been deleted, were shared by New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz, where they quickly went viral.

The job called for someone willing to “be with the client at all times,” and handle the celebrity’s cooking, cleaning, personal communications, travel and video production. Additionally, the listing asked that the person “keep all emotion/private life matters completely away” from their work.

Candidates would also need to communicate with brands and advertisers, and use their own car to drive the influencer everywhere. Pay for the job was listed at $25-$30 per hour.

Many Twitter users called the listing “insane,” saying it was unrealistically demanding. Others slammed the pay for being too low.

“This is 3 different jobs in one job. Social media manager, personal assistant and assistant brand manager. Each of those jobs pays roughly $20+/hr,” one user wrote.

“Is this real?? $25-$30 an hour? 24/7? If they pay you $30 24/7 it still wouldn’t be enough,” another added.

Others were simply stunned by the listing itself. Many wrote that the job would be virtually impossible to perform.

“What the f*** is this, this is so bad,” one user wrote.

“No amount of money can cover that, she/he will be yelling at you for unfinished tasks all the time -and you have to keep quiet,” another added.

It’s unclear which influencer the listing referred to, but there were some hints. The application said the celebrity had 10 million-plus social media followers. Also, they seem to live in Los Angeles and have a large YouTube fanbase.

Guesses from Twitter users included everyone from Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau to Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian.

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