Influencer mocked for ’embarrassing’ behind-the-scenes TikTok: ‘Complete fail on all levels’

A TikToker is being called out for her rude behavior on an escalator. 

It seems like influencers will do anything for a viral video, no matter how ill-conceived it might be. Andra Gogan probably thought she would impress her 6.8 million followers when she gave a behind-the-scenes look at one of her videos. Instead, she was mostly dragged by the users for being “inconsiderate” in a public place. 

On June 15, she shared a video of how she captured a moving shot of her dancing at the bottom of an escalator in a mall. The shopping center looked bustling with mask-donning patrons riding the escalator in both directions. But that didn’t stop Gogan from placing her phone on the upward-moving steps. 

As the phone recorded her, she danced for the remainder of her escalator ride. The idea was to get a shot of Gogan and her friend dancing as the camera slowly moved away. Eventually, quite a few people interrupted her video shoot as they needed to use the escalator. Gogan and her friend quickly ran up the stairs to retrieve the phone and let the people ride. 

“Result is so cool!” Gogan captioned the video, but others disagreed. People thought this kind of behavior was rude toward other mall shoppers. 

“The fact that people were waiting to get on. This is so embarrassing,” a person said

“It’s the lack of consideration for me,” someone commented.

“Complete fail on all levels,” another wrote.

Despite most comments being negative, Gogan’s video did receive 4 million views and 1.8 million likes.

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