The ‘angelic yield’ TikTok trend is here to replace one that encouraged stealing

If the “devious licks” trend made you feel kind of icky, then you’ll love the “angelic yield” challenge. 

TikTok recently condemned and banned the devious licks trend where users bragged about their petty thefts from school lavatories. The trend took off in September but quickly came to a halt because it celebrated nefarious behavior. However, now it looks like the misguided kids have sought to redeem themselves with the “angelic yields” challenge. TikTokers are returning the things they’ve stolen and restoring balance in the universe.

What is the “angelic yield” TikTok trend

The “angelic yields” trend is where TikTokers return goods stolen from their school bathrooms. The challenge has also evolved into people leaving items, useful or not, in the restrooms. The hashtag #angelicyield currently has 29.6 million views on TikTok. 

“Just hit the most holiest of yields,” @thecountryofsugondesia said. 

Footage showed him enter his school’s restroom to return a container of Dawn dish soap. 


Stop licking the school and start deviously licking me #yield devious

♬ Smiling All Day Long – Upbeat Happy Music

TikToker Michael Nammour decided to atone himself by hitting “two angelic yields at once.” He put back hand soap he had stolen from the bathroom as well as a caution sign. 

“The ‘devious lick’ trend reversed into an ‘angelic yield’ trend and it’s slowly turning into a devious yield,” Twitter user @ADRNIIE noted on September 18

The observation may not have been totally off base. Some TikTokers are simply yielding random items in school bathrooms. 

Like the user @glaf. His angelic yield had him putting a coffee maker in the school washroom. 

But @allbriasf’s yield was actually thoroughly angelic. She restocked her school bathroom with air fresheners, handsoap, quality toilet paper and feminine napkins she bought herself

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