Angry mom gets alarming call after daughter doesn’t come down for dinner: ‘I can’t even make this up’

A frustrated mom assumed her preteen was ignoring her, only to receive a shocking phone call — and TikTokers are cracking up at the hilarious parenting fail.

Mom Breaun Osborne (@brueanosborne) gained over 1.2 million views, 134,000 likes, and 1,600 comments when she shared her cringe-worthy story online.

While we’ve seen parenting fails go viral in the past — like the mom who was horrified to discover why her filtered water had such a deliciously sweet aftertaste — Osborne’s twist ending has TikTokers crying with laughter.

Now, much like the dad who received an alarming phone call after sending his daughter to school with the wrong lunch, Breaun’s hilarious fail is inspiring other parents to share their own mishaps.

In the now viral video, Osborne explains that she was making dinner when she called her daughter down to help her.

But after multiple calls upstairs go unanswered, Osborne got upset, assuming her preteen was ignoring her.

The mom began to plan the lecture she was going to give her daughter when she saw an unknown phone number calling her cell.

Osborne picked up, and a mysterious voice asked her where is she.

“Who is this?” Osborne asked.

“It’s me,” the voice replied.

“I don’t know who ‘me’ is,” the mom answered.

That’s when Breaun learned the shocking truth of why her daughter wasn’t answering — and now, millions of TikTokers are cracking up.

‘Yep, never living that down…’

TikTokers around the world took to the comments to share their own hilarious parenting fails.

“I got half way home from work one day. Then realized I left my son at childcare. I work at the same childcare 😳,” one user wrote.

“One time my mom forgot my brother and I at Walmart. We couldn’t find her and then she called us to come out & haul in groceries🤣🤣MOM WE WENT WITH YOU,” another parent shared.

“I left mine at summer camp once….had the wrong date for pickup…. Yep, never living that down,” commented another parent.

“I left my son at school the other day because I thought he had band and he didn’t. Picked the other kids up and left. 😂,” laughed another user.

With all that parents have to manage, it’s no wonder they occasionally commit a harmless fail now and again.

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