Animatronic Spider-Man stunt fail leaves live audience in hysterics: ‘Really livened up the show’

No Tom Hollands, Tobey Maguires or Andrew Garfields were injured in this Spider-Man stunt gone wrong. 

While tuning in for a live performance at Disneyland, patrons were treated with a Spider-Man fail. An animatronic Spider-Man missed its landing and was sent crashing into a building while audience members watched in awe. Instagram user @mdglee_szm captured the unbelievable moment that left people stunned. 

In the footage, the animatronic Spider-Man swung in the sky from a cable, across a fake Subway train and toward a model building. 

“Here goes something,” Peter Parker’s narration is heard saying before he leaps. “Airbags please!” 

But instead of landing on the roof, the Spider-Man hit the ledge of the building and caused it to break. Then he fell down to the ground. 

Ironically another voice is heard replying, “The [indiscernible] facility is not equipped with airbags.” 

The show ended up being shut down due to the blunder for a few hours but was eventually back up and running.

The hilarious moment has been viewed over 150,000 times on Instagram

“Sentient AI’s everywhere are preparing for a serious talk on how to stop robotics abuse for human pleasure,” someone joked

“Poor guy was probably too nervous to let go of the web, probably his first day on the job,” another added.

“That really livened up the show, I’m sure!” a user wrote

“Burnout, happens to the best of us,” another said

“Thank god it was a robot and not a human,” a person commented

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