Anna Gasser is first woman snowboarder to pull off unbelievable trick

Being the first woman to do anything is pretty cool, but being the first female snowboarder to land a cab double cork 1260 is legendary. 

In 2019, Austrian snowboarder and Olympic gold medalist Anna Gasser pulled off the incredible stunt. The milestone was probably unsurprising to fans of Gasser. In 2018, she became the first woman to do a cab triple underflip 1260 — that’s three and a half rotations with a front landing. 

A cab double cork 1260 is hard to describe but you’ll know it when you see it. To complete the trick a snowboarder must do three and a half turns, twice over their head — in midair of course. 

In the video, Gasser does the trick on her first try. She zooms up the slope, rotates several times, then grabs the bottom of the board to bring it over her head. She secures the landing and the cheers begin.

Gasser’s triumphant victory is all the more sweet knowing the details of her journey. Following 2018’s triple underflip, the snowboarder suffered a hairline crack in her ankle that caused her to miss the Winter X Games and Snowboarding World Championships. But she was able to overcome the injury and return to the slopes. 

“I’m glad that I’m back to full strength. I’ve had this trick in my head for a while and the desire to create it has been getting bigger during the injury break,” Gasser told Red Bull. “Mentally I’ve played through the sequence of movements hundreds of times. The goal is to integrate this trick in Big Air and Slopestyle competitions next season.”

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