Teen Nickelodeon star explains why she suddenly changed her name

Jules LeBlanc doesn’t go by “Annie” anymore, though that was her name when she got her start on Nickelodeon in 2020 on the show Side Hustle.

The 16-year-old actress first became popular when her YouTube channel showing off her gymnastics and singing skills took off. Her 4 million subscribers were confused when she suddenly started going by a different name.

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“Can someone tell me why Annie LeBlanc’s name is suddenly Jules PLS I AM SO CONFUSED,” one asked.

“I just realised Annie LeBlanc change her name being Jules LeBlanc, but sounds nice,” another tweeted.

At the end of 2020, she took to Instagram to explain the change.

LeBlanc explained that her real name is Julianna, so both “Annie” and “Jules” are shortened versions of that. She said she’s gone by Jules for most of her life.

She said she changed her TikTok name first, and “surprisingly, a lot of people liked it.”

“I was not ready for that,” she said. “I feel like for some reason some people are mad that I’m doing it … It’ll all be fine and good. I don’t really know how to tell everybody.”

LeBlanc seemed unsure about the change, but as of March 2021, all of her social handles have been changed to say “Jules.”

“I could cause so much drama, but I choose not to,” she said.

Seems like LeBlanc is just trying out a new nickname, as teenagers often do when they head off to college. She’s a little bit ahead of the curve, but hey, whatever feels right.

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