Single mom shares the most ‘annoying’ things people say to her

This single mother is fed up with the rude comments people make about her. So she’s calling them out on TikTok

The mom blogs about her motherhood journey as @pocket_sizedhuman. Her daughter August is still practically a newborn, so while she’s only been a single mom for a few months, people are already weighing in with unwanted opinions. Here’s what she has to say about it. 

Most of her videos in her “annoying things to say to a single mom” series feature the mom’s bewildered reactions to the ridiculous comments. 

“We didn’t invite you as we thought you’d be uncomfortable being the only one with a baby,” the video caption read

“You don’t look like a single mom,” she said in a different video from the series. “What are we supposed to look like? Is there a specific look?”

Her other pet peeves include when people say, “Yeah, I’m basically a single mom when my husband goes to work,” and patronizing things like, “We will find you a husband.” 

People in the comment section related to the single mother’s commentary quite a bit. 

“It’s like they think we want [a husband],” a user joked

“’I’m basically a single mom because my husband works away a lot.’ Um no. You still have that person to rely on, if not physically then emotionally,” a person wrote.

“Had only a few friends before babies. Now my friends are other moms (they’re much better friends!)” another said

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