This $10 hack will keep your glasses fog-free while wearing a face mask

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Wearing a face mask in public is a new and needed reality of life. But for those who wear glasses, face masks can pose a problem. Glasses and face masks seemingly don’t mix, with lenses easily and annoyingly fogging up the minute you put on a mask.

The solution to this glasses-wearing woe is actually quite simple — and it costs under $10. Anti-fog solution is both a glasses cleaner and a godsend when it comes to keeping your glasses fog-free. Often used by goggle-wearing athletes, construction workers and divers, anti-fog solution helps keep your vision clear by creating an invisible coating on your lenses that mitigates the collection of water droplets.

Glasses fog happens when your warm breath escapes through the top of your mask and gets trapped on the cooler surface of your lens. This isn’t only an annoying problem, but could actually pose a danger to glasses wearers. According to the American Academy of Ophthamology, fogging eyewear can lead to injury, depending on what a person is doing when their vision becomes impaired.

The American Academy of Ophthamology officially recommends treating your lenses with anti-fog solution to help solve the problem. And with how inexpensive and easy a quick lens cleaning is, there’s truly little reason why you shouldn’t give this hack a try.

According to Consumer Reports, using glasses solution, which includes anti-fog varieties, is one of the safest, most effective ways to clean lenses. Just make sure to use a spray that’s coating-friendly (it should say this on the bottle) if your glasses have a protective coating.

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