Channel your calm like a pro with these relaxing tips and tricks

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On In The Know’s The Wellness Lab, we bust common health myths and learn about the best products for keeping your health in tip top shape with our host, Dr. Alok Patel.

It’s totally normal to feel a little bit of anxiety from time to time, especially when dealing with a stressful situation. You’re not alone — and it’s OK to seek out professional help from a licensed medical health professional if your anxiety feels unmanageable.

On this episode of The Wellness Lab, Dr. Alok Patel provides tips for helping to manage stress-induced anxiety, adding that general feelings of worry, stress and panic stem from a range of different causes.

“A lot of people have been in those situations where you felt sweating, insomnia and it’s really hard to shift out what’s really happening,” Dr. Patel says. “But here’s how it goes: Anxiety is our body’s response to some outside stressor.”

But he clarifies that there is a difference between persistent anxiety and stress. “Anxiety is usually persistent, and it could really be debilitating towards your everyday life. And sometimes, anxiety will still be around even if the stressor, whatever’s really bothering you, disappears,” he says. “Whereas stress itself is usually caused by an outside factor — maybe it’s an exam you didn’t study for.”

Persistent anxiety can encompass a lot of different conditions, and it can be confusing and scary. So if you feel it, you should go talk to a medical professional. But in the meantime, Dr. Patel says you should follow the basic tenants of health, like eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep and drinking plenty of water. And, of course, giving yourself time to relax and destress.

Some of Dr. Patel’s personal favorite ways to relax include drinking caffeine-free herbal Harney & Sons Chamomile Tea, taking a quick nap with the Luna Adult Weighted Blanket or using adult coloring books to take his mind off of stress. While these things won’t treat anxiety, they help Dr. Patel relax. Maybe you’ll enjoy them, too.

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