A fictional musical is helping TikTok users express surprise

Anything can happen in the Bronx… according to TikTok, at least.

One of five New York City boroughs, the Bronx is home to Yankee Stadium, Cardi B and Edgar Allan Poe’s family cottage. Now, it’s central to a fictional musical meme that’s going viral on TikTok

The origins of ‘Anything can happen in the Bronx’

TikToker @cam_notsoup sang a brief tune from what he dubbed as “Into the Woods as an old-timey New York musical.” Into the Woods is a broadway musical based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tales. 

“Anything can happen in the Bronx,” he sang with a thick, old school New York City accent. 

He received over 102,000 likes on TikTok, along with some inquiries about his identity. 

“Coach Steve is that you?” one person commented.

“This sounds like Nick Kroll,” another wrote

“I’m sorry but this sounds like Coach Steve,” a user joked

Many people thought @cam_notsoup sounded like Coach Steve, a character comedian Nick Kroll voices on Netflix’s animated series Big Mouth. While it’s definitely not Nick Kroll in the TikTok, the series does take place in New York. 


#duet with @frogfiesta Haven’t been great for the past couple weeks, but doing this made me smile. Have a good night everyone ❤️

♬ original sound – chris

But @cam_notsoup may have a future as a voice actor. Just check out his wicked Kermit the Frog impersonation. 

People are now saying ‘Anything can happen in the Bronx’ to express shock 


this happened like 6 years ago and i still haven’t fully recovered mentally #fyp #SayQuayNotKway #LoveMeMode #RefundGlowUp

♬ original sound – Campbell

When something surprising or unusual happens to a TikToker, they now declare, “Anything can happen in the Bronx.”

“When the 5-year-old you’re babysitting tells you that the ‘man in the walls doesn’t want you in his house’ before falling dead asleep and leaving you in a dark house alone,” @itispeytonmydudes said in a video.

Then she lip-synced the audio, “Anything can happen in the Bronx.” 

“Do you guys also have that one friend that just loves baby food,” @jordankane2 captioned a video of his friend eating Gerber Puffs. 

“You don’t understand it’s so good,” someone wrote.

“The puffs are so good,” another commented


i wish i was lying this deadass happened yesterday. i always had a bad feeling ab him too

♬ original sound – Campbell

“Not me seeing my sister’s boyfriend cheat on her in front of me at my job because he didn’t recognize me,” @daddykarls wrote in her video caption.

“Instant karma for him,” a user said

“She deserves to know,” a person responded.

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