AOC to play Among Us with Twitch streamers to encourage voter participation

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to play Among Us and she’s already been getting requests from prominent Twitch streamers.

The congresswoman voiced her interest in playing the party game on Twitch to encourage people to vote. Though she’s never played Among Us before, she appears eager to learn.

Streamers began flooding into AOC’s mentions immediately and offering her a spot in their lobbies. So far, AOC has responded that she’s interested in playing with two streamers in particular: Imane “Pokimane” Anys of OfflineTV and political commentator Hasan Piker.

AOC’s brand new official Twitch account has already accrued over 204,000 followers.

Though exciting, none of this news should come as a surprise, since AOC is no stranger to gaming or streaming. In 2018, she logged into her old League of Legends account with the intent of climbing out of the Bronze rank. A year later, she finally broke into Silver.

Since then, she’s been steadily climbing the ladder during the COVID-19 quarantine. For all you League players curious about who she plays, she’s a Sona main who can also flex to Janna, Lux and Morgana.

In regards to streaming, AOC called into Harry “Hbomberguy” Brewis’ channel to voice support for his charity stream (he was raising money for Mermaids, a U.K. charity dedicated to trans and genderqueer children) and to do an impromptu interview with him.

However, AOC’s upcoming Among Us campaign will be the first time she’s ever hosted her own gaming stream. Indeed, it might be the first time any U.S. elected official has streamed themselves playing video games

2020 is poised to be one of the most pivotal elections in American history. But a young American politician engaging with her constituents over live-streamed video games? Well, that’s another one for the history books.

Whether you’re tuning in or not (you should definitely check out that stream though), please make your voice known and vote!

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