Apartment cleaner shares ‘secret’ tips for getting back your security deposit

A professional apartment cleaner is earning plenty of online praise for her list of tips to help tenants get back their full security deposits.

The 25-year-old, who goes by the username brittoreppy21 on social media, shared her advice in a series of TikTok videos.

In her clips, brittoreppy21 cleans a series of apartments while explaining the unexpected things that tenants should consider if they don’t want to lose money after moving out.

“I clean apartments for a living after people move out,” she says in her first video. “For those of you that don’t know … the longer it takes the cleaning crew to clean your apartment, the more you get charged and the less of your deposit you get back.”

The TikToker then proceeds to highlight several parts of an apartment that she frequently finds uncleaned — including blinds, the bottoms of stovetop burners and the inside of refrigerators. In one video, she demonstrates how to clean the inside of an oven, a part of the kitchen she notes is frequently left untouched when tenants move out.


CLEAN👏🏻YOUR👏🏻OVEN👏🏻##cleaninghacK ##lifehack ##securitydeposit ##getthatmoney ##eattherich ##helpingyou ##fyp ##foryou

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Several of brittoreppy21’s videos have gone viral, with some reaching more than 1 million views. Many commenters praised her for sharing the “secret” parts of their apartments that they never knew they could — or should — clean so easily.

“OMG THANK YOU!!!! I appreciate this so much,” one user wrote in response to the stove-cleaning video.

“I had no idea,” another added.

Other commenters complained that their landlords had different rules about deposits and cleaning, leading brittoreppy21 to explain that her solutions may not work for everyone, but that “more info is better than no info.”

She also shared a clip recommending cleaning supplies to help people get their apartments in order before they leave.


I DO know about BarKeeps! I’m getting some🤗 ##cleaninghack ##lifehack ##securitydeposit ##getthatmoney ##eattherich ##helpingyou ##fyp ##foryou

♬ original sound – brittoreppy21

“These are super helpful,” one user wrote.

“I love watching these fully aware I’m not going to be cleaning a darn thing,” another joked.

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