If your apartment barely has any storage, this slim bar cabinet is the ultimate solution — and it holds so much

There are a few plights that only those with limited living space can relate to. One of the most common, though, is storage space. Whether you live in a tiny apartment or have lots of open space but few storage options, you likely know the struggles of trying to just make things work. And with this, the hunt for finding the perfect apartment storage solution begins.

I fall somewhere in between. My one-bedroom apartment isn’t super tiny but is by no means super expansive. The most frustrating setback I’ve found, though, is finding a comprehensive place to store all of my drinkware, small flatware and alcohol bottles in a way that’s both concealed and organized. So, when I tried the Sundays Easy Edge Bar Cabinet, I was (pleasantly) surprised for a number of reasons.

Sundays Easy Edge Bar Cabinet, $1,606.50 (Orig. $1,890)

Credit: Sundays

Firstly, this beautiful cabinet has tons of space — literally tons of it. Don’t let its compact and minimal outer shell fool you. It elegantly opens up to reveal storage shelves inside each door as well as shelves and drawers in its main center compartment.

The mirrored top center backing also adds an elegant touch that you don’t think you need until you see it in person.

In total, it has 11 separate compartments.

Credit: Sundays

If, like me, initially, you’re wondering what justifies the premium price tag, I’ve quickly learned from seeing and using this stunning piece that it’s all in the details, craftsmanship and durable materials.

The Sundays Easy Edge Bar Cabinet has a natural wood finish with curved lines and narrow oak slats that add character to your space. While most budget furniture pieces from Amazon, Ikea and more fast-furniture brands have particle board and fiberboard finishes that easily break, scratch and snap over time, this piece from Sundays is high quality, through and through.

Credit: Sundays

It has a high-grade composite made from recycled wood grains and fibers that help prevent warpage and cracking. Also, for added peace of mind, this piece is commercial-grade, meaning it’s gone through several stages of rigorous testing to ensure it actually stands the test of time.

Further living up to its reputation as the ultimate apartment storage solution, the Sundays Easy Edge Bar Cabinet comes in one box. Also, sweetening the deal, the brand provides free in-home delivery and assembly. They bring it into your desired room, help you pick the best spot, assemble it and remove any packaging — all at no extra cost. Honestly, this is the part that surprised me the most.

Also, though I mapped out where I would place the cabinet in my living room using the dimensions outlined on the website (33.75″W x 17.25 “D x 41.5″H), I was still a bit concerned that it would be a bit restricting. However, once I saw it blended in with my furniture, I found that it was the perfect fit. This was mostly thanks to its curved edges that make it easy to place pretty much anywhere.

The Sundays Easy Edge Bar Cabinet comes in White Oak (pictured above) and Black Oak and was recently restocked after being sold out for quite some time. It’s one of the brand’s best sellers — and for good reason.

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